The Journal of Japanese Botany 植物研究雑誌

About The Journal of Japanese Botany

The Journal of Japanese Botany was started by Tomitaro Makino in April 1916. He edited the Journal through vol. 8 in 1933. Subsequently, the Journal has been edited by The Editorial Board of The Journal of Japanese Botany from vol. 9 no. 1 in May 1933 to the present issue. The Editorial Board has been represented by Yasuhiko Asahina (1933–1975), Hiroshi Hara (1975–1987), Shoji Shibata (1987-2006), and Hiroyoshi Ohashi (2006–present) as the Editor-in-Chief. The Journal is now published by Tsumura & Co. It has promoted the development of research and the study of systematic botany, pharmacognosy and related disciplines. It is among the highly regarded journals in its field.




Latest issue / 最新号

92(1): cover(2017)

: Vol. 92 No. 1 cover

92(1): 1–11(2017)

Yasuhiko Endo and Tomonari Miyauchi : Circumscription of Two Phryma Species (Phrymaceae) in Japan

92(1): 12–19(2017)

Jing-Chao Li, Jian-Wen Zhang, Dai-Gui Zhang, Tao Deng, Sergey Volis, Hang Sun and Zhi-Min Li : Phylogenetic Position of the Chinese Endemic Genus Heterolamium: A Close Relative of Subtribe Nepetinae (Lamiaceae)

92(1): 20–26(2017)

Rajeev Kumar Singh : Lectotypification of Four Names for Indian Psychotria (Rubiaceae)

92(1): 27–33(2017)

Hiroyuki Kashiwadani and Kwang Hee Moon : Two New Species of Ramalina (Ascomycotina: Ramalinaceae) from the Nansei Islands, Japan

92(1): 34–43(2017)

Kazuaki Ohashi, Koji Nata and Hiroyoshi Ohashi : Harashuteria, a New Genus of Leguminosae (Fabaceae) Subfam. Papilionoideae Tribe Phaseoleae

92(1): 44–46(2017)

Naohiro Naruhashi : The Entity of Rubus japonicus tricolor (Rosaceae)

92(1): 47–49(2017)

Dong Chan Son, Hyuk-Jin Kim, Soo Hyun Park and Kae Sun Chang : Lectotypification of Carex nakasimae (Cyperaceae)

92(1): 50–52(2017)

Nobuyuki Numakunai : Reddish Staminate Scales of Carex filipes var. kuzakaiensis (Cyperaceae)

92(1): 53–56(2017)

Nripemo Odyuo, Ranjit Daimary and Chaya Deori : Liparis formosana (Orchidaceae)—A New Addition to the Orchid Flora of India

92(1): 57–61(2017)

Sachin Patil and Meena Dongare : Genus Aleuritopteris (Pteridaceae) from Northern Western Ghats, India

92(1): 62–66(2017)

Yasushi Ibaragi, Monthon Norsaengsri and Kazumi Fujikawa : Arthraxon microphyllus (Poaceae), a New Record for the Flora of Myanmar

92(1): 67–68(2017)

Hiroo Kanai : Book Reviews

92(1): 68–68(2017)

: Errata in Vol. 91 (2016)

92(1): Instructions(2017)

: Instructions to Authors

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