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The Journal of Japanese Botany was started by Tomitaro Makino in April 1916. He edited the Journal through vol. 8 in 1933. Subsequently, the Journal has been edited by The Editorial Board of The Journal of Japanese Botany from vol. 9 no. 1 in May 1933 to the present issue. The Editorial Board has been represented by Yasuhiko Asahina (1933–1975), Hiroshi Hara (1975–1987), Shoji Shibata (1987-2006), and Hiroyoshi Ohashi (2006–present) as the Editor-in-Chief. The Journal is now published by Tsumura & Co. It has promoted the development of research and the study of systematic botany, pharmacognosy and related disciplines. It is among the highly regarded journals in its field.




Latest issue / 最新号

96(1): cover(2021)

: Vol. 96 No. 1 cover

96(1): 1–18(2021)

Kazuaki Ohashi, Hiroyoshi Ohashi, Tomoyuki Nemoto and Koji Nata : Phylogenetic Analyses for a New Classification of the Desmodium Group of Leguminosae Tribe Desmodieae 5. Last Desmodium Native to Asia and Australia

96(1): 19-20(2021)

Momang Taram and Dipankar Borah : Aeschynanthus lineatus (Gesneriaceae)—A New Record for the Flora of India

96(1): 21-24(2021)

Shaikh Mujaffar, Arjun Prasad Tiwari, Praveen Chandra Dubey, Jagannath Vishwanath Gadpayale and Jana Venkata Sudhakar : Ficus johannis subsp. afghanistanica (Moraceae)—A New Record for India

96(1): 25-28(2021)

Michele Rodda, Dipankar Borah and Momang Taram : The New Circumscription of Hoya oreogena (ApocynaceaeAsclepiadoideae) with the First Record for the Indian Flora

96(1): 29-30(2021)

Arjun Prasad Tiwari : The Status of Heteropogon fischerianus and H. contortus var. distichus ( Andropogoneae: Poaceae)

96(1): 31-37(2021)

Alok Chorghe, Sangita Dey and Pakshirajan Lakshminarasimhan : Lectotypification of Names in the Genus Themeda (Poaceae: Panicoideae)

96(1): 38-43(2021)

Yu Nagata, Koji Katagiri, Shotaro Midorikawa, Makoto Mochida and Kohtaroh Shutoh : A New Northern Limit of Najas minor (Hydrocharitaceae) in Japan

96(1): 44-51(2021)

Hiro Shimai : Introduced Populations of Pinguicula primuliflora (Lentibulariaceae) in Japan

96(1): 52-56(2021)

Mitsuru Usuba : New Localities of Schoenoplectiella ×osoreyamensis (Cyperaceae)

96(1): 57-61(2021)

Katsunori Ueno, Yukie Ueno and Koji Yonekura : Four Species of Ericaceae, Newly Naturalized in Nagano Prefecture, Japan

96(1): 62-62(2021)

Masahiro Kato : Book review Morphology and Evolution of Land Plants

96(1): 62-63(2021)

Yuichi Kadota : Book review Fritillaria japonica Group (Liliaeae)

96(1): 64-64(2021)

: New Names, New Typifications and New Japanese Name Appearing in J. Jpn. Bot. Vol. 96 No. 1 (2021)

96(1): 65-66(2021)

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