The Journal of Japanese Botany 植物研究雑誌

About The Journal of Japanese Botany

The Journal of Japanese Botany was started by Tomitaro Makino in April 1916. He edited the Journal through vol. 8 in 1933. Subsequently, the Journal has been edited by The Editorial Board of The Journal of Japanese Botany from vol. 9 no. 1 in May 1933 to the present issue. The Editorial Board has been represented by Yasuhiko Asahina (1933–1975), Hiroshi Hara (1975–1987), Shoji Shibata (1987-2006), and Hiroyoshi Ohashi (2006–present) as the Editor-in-Chief. The Journal is now published by Tsumura & Co. It has promoted the development of research and the study of systematic botany, pharmacognosy and related disciplines. It is among the highly regarded journals in its field.




Latest issue / 最新号

95(6): cover(2020)

: Vol. 95 No. 6 cover

95(6): 321-326(2020)

Pornpimon Wongsuwan, Boonmee Phokham, Piyapong Yupparach and Chayan Picheansoonthon : A New Caulokaempferia (Zingiberaceae) from Northeast Thailand

95(6): 327-331(2020)

Surapon Saensouk and Piyaporn Saensouk : Globba sirirugsae, a New Species of Zingiberaceae from Thailand

95(6): 332-335(2020)

Sameer Patil : A Neglected Taxon of Arisaema (Araceae) from the Western Ghats, India

95(6): 336-340(2020)

Hiroshi Yoshiyama and Junichi Yamaguchi : A Hybrid, Salix japonica × S. udensis (Salicaceae) in Japan

95(6): 348-353(2020)

Yasushi Ibaragi and Osamu Kume : Habitat and Seed Germination Ability of Heteropogon contortus (Poaceae) in Kagawa Prefecture, Shikoku, Western Japan

95(6): 341-347(2020)

Noritoshi Nitta and Akitomo Uchida : Daphne kamtschatica (Thymelaeaceae), a New Record for Japan from Hokkaido

95(6): 354-357(2020)

Maan Bahadur Rokaya, Saroj Kumar Kasaju and Bijay Khadka : Hoya polyneura (Apocynaceae)—An Addition to the Flora of Nepal

95(6): 358-358(2020)

Jiro Tanaka : Book review The Lichen Handbook of the “SATOYAMA” in Japan

95(6): 359-359(2020)

Hiroyoshi Ohashi : Book review The Collection of Makino Botanical Illustrations

95(6): 360-360(2020)

: New Names Appearing in J. Jpn. Bot. Vol. 95 No. 6 (2020)

95(6): 361-361(2020)

Editorial Board of The Journal of Japanese Botany : Acknowledgement

95(6): 362-362(2020)

: Errata in Vol. 95 (2020)

95(6): i–xi(2020)

Koji Yonekura : AUTHOR NAME INDEX TO VOL. 95 (2020)

95(6): xii–xxvii(2020)

Koji Yonekura : PLANT NAME INDEX TO VOL. 95 (2020)

95(6): xxviii-xxviii(2020)

: New Names Appearing in J. Jpn. Bot. Vol. 95 (2020)

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